2013 End - 2014 Beginning

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2013 End - 2014 Beginning

Our Family Vacation


We had a different Family Christmas gathering this year. Usually our CA son and his family come east where the rest of us live but this year we all went to CA.


My son-in-law rented a house at Seal Beach for four days and we all gathered there.



We flew there on Thursday, Dec 26 and on Friday went to Disney Land. Since I don't do long distance walking well anymore, they rented me a scooter. What fun! I followed the red and/or orange shirt in front of me while my husband gave me directions. (No more comment on that!) We stayed the whole day, got tired but had lots of fun.



My best ride? The Grizzly River Run. We got soaked but it was a warm 70+ degrees out and it didn't take long to dry out in the sun.






We spent the next day at the beach house, resting up a bit. Naturally, we played cards walked on the beach etc.  The grand kids had fun in the sand and surf.






While most of the crew went back to Disney on Sunday, my oldest daughter, my husband and I went to Huntington Gardens near by and enjoyed the flowers (Iris in December!) with lots of Bird of Paradise just growing all over plus a Gallery of paintings that include Gainsborough's The Blue Boy and Pinkie.







We left the beach on the 31st. Some to DC, some to Boston and Pleasanton, CA. We went to Pleasanton. (Our house has the round window) 






Since we were already in CA, we were able to spend extra time with our son and his family. So we had a pleasant drive up I-5 (and some other roads) through the CA Grapevine.



Nice views with no houses, well almost none. Purple mountains and curvy roads. I found a YouTube video about the Grapevine section that is nice but only shows the road, so you miss the nice side views. Then on to Pleasanton.



While in Pleasanton, we went to diner at Simply Fondue.  Oh, my was that good. Salad, cheese fondue, shrimp, veggies, sirloin, scallops, chicken fondue and the chocolate dessert fondue was to die for!




We also went to the Chabot Science Museum in Oakland, CA.






I came home with a bag of gemstones from the gift shop. I'll need to take them to my friend, Al, at Two Guys Fossils to identify them.



My youngest grand daughter made a bracelet for me while we were at the beach. She showed me how and with some practice, I may get to be as good as she is.



Here is a picture with her bracelet and one I made before we left for CA.







Oh, and one more picture from Disney. Couldn't resist.





















The trip home from San Francisco was good though delayed often. So often, we missed the last Logan Express bus to Braintree where my daughter was waiting for us. Thank heavens for cell phones and texting so we could keep in touch. We were in 1st class so we had a nice hot towel when we started, good food including wine if you wanted and a Sundae with strawberries. PLUS leg room!!!





We had missed the big snow storm while we were gone and arrived before the crazy cold weather that is now causing delays and general problems.



We were blessed with a great family gathering. Now to get over the jet lag which seems harder coming east and back to some regular things.



Until next time,



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