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I Love it when a Plan comes together

or not!

In my quest to use my stash of pendants, I chose the one above and went to the bead store to get some seed beads for a Kumihimo necklace.

Well, I got more seed beads than for just this necklace. I started this project with these beads (minus the purple ones)

I liked the necklace that I made (after one false start) but when I put it together with the pendant - not so much.

Change of plans and I began to think what else I could do. I happen to be one of those people who like things symmetrical. So, I was surprised by my own idea of making the clasp part of the design in the front and also asymmetrical. I found a great Antique Bronze Leaf clasp and some Antique Bronze cone-shaped end caps. They nicely matched.

All that was needed were some bronze beads as an accent plus some of the green seed beads for spacers and voila!

I did find one problem with this design, however, others that are not used to asymmetrical designs either will offer to "fix" your necklace so that the clasp is in the back. Habits are hard to break :-)

All that said, you could wear the clasp, as usual, in the back. There are no real rules.

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