Library Display
Ring by Ring Designs is featured at the Ames Free Library as part of The Easton Shovel Town Cultural District's Artist on Display Program for the month of June.

Here is the display case. Four glass shelves! The blue chiffon helps to show off the (mostly) silver Chain Maille.



The bottom shelf features several favorite necklaces. Two with lovely focal pendants and one that is a graduated Byzantine pattern. (Yes, that one was a lot of work!)

The unusual Chain Maille pattern of the bracelet in the front is called "Staggered Corduroy with Japanese Overlay".
It is simply named "Emerald Isle"


No display from Ring by Ring Designs would be complete with out featuring Signature Pendants. The design is simple but striking. One of those "wear with everything" designs.

With the theme of the display "The Wonderful Variations of Chain Maille", the design is shown in the different metals that are available. (Gold filled, Argentium Sterling Silver and Copper) Just one type of variation.


Another variation in Chain Maille is to change the gauge size of the rings used. (Gauge being the thickness of the wire used to make the rings). The larger the wire used to make the rings, the wider the bracelet or necklace will be. This shelf features that variation. Half Persian is featured on the lower left with Jens Pind Linkage (JPL for short) on the top left. Byzantine is on the lower right and Double Spiral, top right.


A favorite shelf shows how you can make three variations of the Byzantine pattern by starting with just a segment of Byzantine. Showing people this trick makes teaching Chain Maille fun.

Byzantine Rose on the left, Olivia in the center and Romanov on the right.

Pictures do not show the detail, so, if you live near by, be sure to stop and see the display. It is on the second floor of the Ames Free Library in North Easton.

And for those who can not come, here is a video of pictures taken of the display and some of the pieces featured. Be sure to watch full screen to get the full effect.

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