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May 1,  2012


New Kumihimo Necklace

Started anyhow





Googling for a new idea for this post I checked out "jewelry trends 2012" and came up with a Nieman Marcus site with this picture of an accessory trend for  "Tribal Touches". The article  showed this purse as an example.


The night before, I was looking through my stash of fibers and focal beads for "something to do". I had started to match up the colors of the fibers I had with the focals. I combined the pieces into three "sets" and started making one.


I was surprised to see how much my new project matched this purse. Not exactly, but the pretty close.














I have not finished this necklace yet but here is a picture of it, "in the works". You can see the 8 different cords that go into the finished piece.





















Here is a close up of the 8 fiber cords.
















When I pick out the starting fiibers, I'm never really sure how the finished cord will look. You may notice that the white, thick fiber cord seems to dominate the finished cord while the thin gold and white ones don't show much. Also, the ribbon ones seem to fold into the finished cord.





It does look a little like the Neiman Marcus purse, doesn't it? The white pearl seashell focal has a nice wirewrapped decoration that adds to the look.



When it is completely finished, I'll post about it again and put it on the website for purchase.



Until this Friday's special (hint: Think Mother's Day) and next week,







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