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March 30,  2012


Friday Special

March 30, 2012


Here is this week's Ring by Ring Designs' Friday Special. I hope you are enjoying them. Let me know if you would like to see something featured.




Two weeks ago, I taught a class in Chain Maille at Beadcache in Mansfield, MA. I haven't been making much Chain Maille lately. Been busy making lots of Glass Dome Pendants instead. Materials for silver Chain Maille cost a lot and therefore the sell price in fairly high too. Worth it but still expensive.

(This piece is sold but could be made again.)




This weave is plain Byzantine.



While teaching the class, I was reminded why I like making Chain Maille pieces. It is very relaxing, once you get it started. Plus,  I love the beautiful results, all the nice, shiney, silver rings and you can easily make each piece look very different from any others. It is also easy to make pieces longer or shorter or change the clasp to the favorite choice of the customer. (That is appreciated more by the designer, I guess)





This is a version of the class I'm teaching today. The two ladies liked the last class, too, and are coming back for more. Neat, huh?



It is called "Copper Rose" or "Byzantine Rose" if made all in silver. The Byzantine weave has so many variations, it boggles my mind sometimes.



Made with segments of the Byzantine weave in Argentium Silver and twisted copper rings. Accented with sets of three larger twisted copper rings (the Rose part) between the segments. Finished with a Sterling Silver toggle clasp.This Silver Bracelet is 7 1/2 inches long but may be adjusted upon request.




Copper Rose close up



Normally $130, it is on special until April 6, 2012 for only $99.95. Only one available at that price. New silver and copper rings have gone up in price just like gold has.



Regularly $130.00 but only $99.95 this week.




 Offer effective until Friday April 6, 2012.




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