Ring by Ring Designs' December Fairs



The 2014 Artisans Faire

sponsored by the Easton Shovel Town Cultural District



Local Artists displayed their works and everyone had a great time. The people attending the Teas said the food was amazing. The weather cooperated this year. While a little chilly, at least there was no snow as there was last year. A great day for all.






It is always fun to interact with customers. It was great to see several try on a bracelet and hand me money for it. (That happened twice)


It was also nice to hear, "I'm going to look around and come back" and actually come back.That rarely happens. Usually, it's the last you'll see them. :-)


People love "special" service.  I changed every chain length on the pendants I sold. Everyone commented that they have trouble finding chains that "fit". Now, should I change my offering to a different length? I decided not because some wanted them shorter, some longer. So offering to change works best.




Here is a picture of my table. Nothing fancy but does the job. Oh, yes, the table will need to be replaced for next year. It collapsed while we were putting things together. Fortunately, the pieces were still in the drawers and so it wasn't as much of a mess as it could have been. The table belonged to my parents and is about 50 years old. One of the original metal folding tables. So it doesn't owe us anything! It was propped up with a smaller table I brought for incidentals.

Maybe a new table covering and definitely some new displays. I really like that covering and it will fit any size table that is available. But always room for improvement.





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