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Melanie knocked at our door tonight checking on one of her Journey necklaces. She just got back from one of her daily  runs. Melanie runs the Boston Marathon for the Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute. Running the Marathon isn't just running the 26+ miles once. It is training for months and that includes running 4 times a week, logging 30-40 miles a week with 2 short runs, 1 medium one and one -10 mile one on weekends. Not to mention her regular teaching job plus several other part time jobs she holds. ;-)


For the last few years we have offered jewelry to help her raise money for the Dana Farber. Her patient partner is Lexie Williams and we have had several years of success with Lexie's Jewelry.


This year Melanie wanted to have something different.

The Journey

As Melanie puts it:


"I wanted to honor survivors everywhere. Every one of us is on a Journey, a chosen Journey, where we challenge and create change. For me, my Journey is running the Boston Marathon for my patient partner, Lexie and raising funds for Cancer Research. Do I honestly believe that my Journey will end with eliminating cancer? No. What I do believe is that through research, there will be treatments and cures for all 400+ cancers we now face. With each step I take I know that I am making a difference.


This year it is the Journey Collection. I chose white and blue because they represent the sky. Every time I look at the sky, I am overfilled with gratitude that I am alive."



Here is The Journey Bracelet


The whole collection includes a necklace,

another type of bracelet and matching earrings.


$10 of each sale goes to the Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute.






You can see the rest of The Journey Collection and purchase, if you would like at:  http://www.ringbyringdesigns.com/journeycollection.html


Pam and Bev


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