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We are not all the same!


(If you have been following this newsletter for awhile, you will recognize this as a repeat. Sorry, but my laptop is giving me fits - long story that I hope will soon be remedied)

Most of you know that my husband and

I have been married more than 50 years.

We are the perfect example of that statement.

"We are not all the same"

That can be followed with the statement "Let me count the ways". Fortunately, our differences are usually a source of amusement rather than causing problems.

I think the first time we noticed our different outlook on the same idea or phrase was soon after we were married. I had baked a nice two layer cake. Because there were only two of us, the cake lasted a long time and soon became dry etc.

My husband's answer to this "problem" was:

"Make just one layer and cut it in half and make a two layer cake.

A little aside here, my son loves to tell and embellish this story. Our children have heard it a lot. I will give you the shorter version.

I proceeded to make just one layer (8 inches round) Then I cut the cake in half and frosted the two resulting layers.

When my husband came home, I proudly presented him with a nice two layer cake after our dinner.

His response was not what I expected. "What the .... happened to the cake?"

Now here is the difference in what he was expecting and what I thought he meant.

At our 50 Anniversary party, my oldest daughter and her daughter were nice enough to make two cakes. One my way and one my husband's way.

Bev's Version

Bill's version (minus bottle)

You can see why he asked "What happened to the cake?"

I was always a fan of Boston Cream Pie (which is really a cake - but I digress) So, cutting a cake in half horizontally was a good idea, I thought. However, I can see that cutting it in half, his way, does make sense. Now, don't tell him I said that.

You will also notice that some things never change. Last fall we were on vacation and were having some muffins for breakfast.

Suddenly, I looked at the table in front of us and notice in the picture. The muffin on the right is mine (cut horizontally) and my husband's on the left - you guessed it - cut the same as the cake.

I'll be back next week with a new post, and I hope with my feeling better laptop.

Until next time


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