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After the Art Show


The Art Show and Wine Reception on Saturday was a huge success. Both for the Show itself (lots of people came - more than last year) and for me, personally.


My friend, Melanie, took a picture of my table and me.




Hard to tell but I did make changes from the picture I showed last week. Took practically the whole week with lots of tweaks and changes. Melanie came over and we moved, added, removed and generally stood back and looked.




The biggest, maybe the best, change came when we decided the cones, I had worked hard to produce, would not look good.





They were made out of card stock - card board, a bit chintzy looking and not suitable for an ART Show.




Melanie asked,"Do you have any wine glasses?" So, out to the kitchen cupboards and viola, 7 wine glasses.





We used them to display the "Rose Garden Collection" and other bracelets.


Then, my daughter said, "You can't see the bracelets very well". So, I added some blue tissue paper inside the glasses. (I use that color in my bags I use for purchases)


Here is the final look. Oh, yes, Melanie said "A red rose would look nice, too" So, I went to the shelf in the living room and produced a silk rose my mother had made in the 70's. Just the right finishing touch. I added some signs and done!




The actual display had a real rose. Kristin from Flourish Floral & Event Design provided a beautiful red rose. Stating "No friend of mine will use a silk/plastic rose"



Someone took a picture from the balcony and posted it to Facebook. Looks a bit tipsy. (The picture that is. I didn't even have any wine!)





My table was right next to the food table. I was able to have some of it but really was so busy that I didn't get much.




Looked great and tasted good too.






Here is another view from the balcony.  That's Kristin on the lower left.





What a wonderful time celebrating ECAT's Fifth Anniversary and Easton Shovel Town Cultural District's Artist on Display Program.




Now to spend some time on doing our taxes and maybe a new jewelry piece.




Until next time,




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