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Anatomy of a Design


Getting ready to write this post,  I decided to tell you all about how the time line goes while coming up with a design.


I want to feature the collection of new Chain Maille bracelets I've been making.




It all started with a request to make a Medical Alert bracelet. Normally, I work in silver but this was a request for a gold bracelet. After a few go rounds on exactly what was wanted, we came up with a really nice bracelet.









I had some rings left over so I made some earrings.


















The next logical step was a bracelet. So I made the "Flower Garden" bracelet.














I had some copper rings and fall color Swarovski beads and the "Fall Foliage"  version was born.















Next, came a request to make the design in Silver and with pink beads. Silver, right up my alley, so here is the results:










Working on a name. Suggestions are "Spring Buds", "Pretty in Pink", "Coming up Roses", "Pink Frost" or "Coming up Spring".


Thanks to my Facebook friends for all the suggestions! Very hard to decide. Looking for help in deciding..... ???





It has been so cold and snowy here that it wasn't much of a stretch to come up with the next one: "Snow and Ice"

It has clear and white opal Swarovski beads.


Maybe my favorite.











I have a fairly large collection of 6 mm Swarovski beads and so the last one is a Rainbow version.


(The repeat of the blue color is because the design takes 8 clusters and there are only 7 Rainbow colors)





Now here comes the embarrassing thing. The colors are in the wrong order. My science teacher friend pointed it out to me yesterday. I'll probably rearrange the colors now but not in time to take a new picture. However, I've since noticed that in Kumihimo, many "Rainbow" bracelets only use 6 colors. They combine the indigo and violet colors in to a blend. I guess it can be called "Artistic License".


Hope you enjoyed the trip.


Until next time,



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