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Last week I posed some questions for you. Thanks to those who took time to reply. If you haven't and would like to, your can reply to this message.


Question #1  Do you still like leather bracelets or are they "so dated"?


Answer: this was the one most did not answer. :-) but the summary was a feeling of disinterest. In other words the interest has probably passed. But, the style seems to still be popular for younger people.



Question #2 - What is your favorite necklace length

16, 18, 20 or longer??? and


Question #3 - do you like adjustable lengths ?


Answer: Longer was most popular but adjustable definitely won out. Funny, that is my answer, too.


So, my first decision is to make more choices available with designs that have chains and add small adjustable chains to those necklaces that will accommodate that.





Here is an example of what I've done before. The chain is about 5-6 inches long and may be too long for some. However, just a snip will take off any extra. (Better too long than too short?)



So, what else have I been doing? I've been playing with wire. I made some fun rings and most recently made a cute "horseshoe" bracelet.




It needs more work. But that is the fun part. Hammering. Wire needs to be hammered to make the wire stronger (work hardening) and shaping. I plan on having some fun!


What do you think of the bracelet?





I've also, made a variation of the graduated box earrings I featured awhile ago. They were all silver.










The variation has a gold bead for some contrast. I have 2 pairs available.











Which do you prefer? All silver or mix of silver and gold?



Until next time,




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Chain Maille from

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Kumihimo from

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Here is a quick video of only some of my Glass Dome Pendants featuring Sea Shells



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