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Artist Co-op Easton, MA


Last week I told you about the "Soft Opening" of the Easton Shovel Town Artist Co-op at the historic Millie Packard House. Also, that I'd be busy getting my pieces ready. That was true, I was quite busy doing that all week long.






We didn't have the "curio" we had ordered for most of the jewelry being displayed. (There are two other local jewelers that are in the co-op). It arrived at 2 PM on Friday. Well, that was time enough. We met and placed our pieces in the curio and another built in set of three shelves.










The white built-in shelves made a nice display area. It worked out that we could each have one shelf in each spot.



Mine is the middle shelf. Some Kumihimo and Chain Maille.










Here is a picture of the end of the room with some of the great art work. This only gives you a feel for the beauty of the whole place.




As you may have gathered from last week's post, Easton is very culturally oriented. Our local community access TV station has a series of videos of some of the local artists that were featured at a recent Art Show and Wine Reception held in their studios. Here is a link to the videos. Take your time and watch them at your leisure. Most of the artists are also at the Artist/Co-op.


I feel a bit intimidated sometimes being associated with these very talented artists. (Linda Clary's section)




However, I'm beginning to feel more inspired than intimidated as I meet and work with these people. I want to stretch myself and come up with some designs that are not "cost conscious" and not trying to produce things I think are "popular" and just what others would want. Now, all that is important but not the only way to design. I've noticed that when I design for a gift - not to sell, I come up with some great designs. Freeing.





I was surfing Pinterest on Saturday and searched for "jewelry displays". Showing my pieces at the co-op, I'm finding, is different than the way I display at craft fairs.










I wasn't finding much inspiration until I saw some bracelets displayed on "insulators" (See picture above if you don't remember what insulators are)


I was lucky enough to have a Dad who worked for the Rochester Gas and Electric. Back in the 70's insulators became a great collectible. When no longer used ones came in to his work place, rather than toss them, he salvaged several of the ones that were not already broken.





We have about 6 or so. Some green and some clear. I decided the clear ones would work best.






So I took them to the co-op on Sunday and I'm now using them to display three bracelets. Sorry for the poor picture but you can get the idea. The curio has a mirror in the back and so you can see several reflections of the blue Kumihimo bracelet on the left. (Plus art work and someone looking at the paintings.) A green bracelet is on the right.







Here is a better picture of the blue bracelet, available on my website. Be sure to email me for the newsletter special price, if you are interested.









For local people, the Artist Co-op will be open from 11 AM to 3 PM on weekends. There is plenty of parking if you are not in walking distance.


So, off to come up with a new design using my newest inspiration.


Until next time,




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Here is a quick video of only some of my Glass Dome Pendants featuring Sea Shells



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