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April 3,  2012


Bead Show Trip






Last week, I promised to tell you what was in Michael's bead that was so unusual.


I thought that the material of recycled eye glass lenses was enough to be unusual but he told me that the sort of white looking object in the right bead was a popped kernel of pop corn.


Can you tell now that I've told you?





Here is the link if you would like to look at his beads again. Michael Harrington and his "Beads that Bounce"









Can you see the pop corn in this picture?  Did you guess it?










I haven't been able to do anything with the beads yet. A little frustrating to say the least.


Sorry to be so short this week but such is life. I have an yearly eye doctor check up today  (Monday) and dilating eye drops will be the end of computing for the day.


Oh, yes, I intend to wear these beads on a black cord and quiz my eye Doctor, Dr. Beade. (I'm not kidding, that is his name) to see if he knows what they are.


(Later, he had no clue and laughed out loud when I told him they were made from)



So, until this Friday's special and next week,







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