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Do you know what your Birthstone is? Most people do but what if you want to give something to someone else? A piece of jewelry with their birthstone is a very thoughtful gift.


If you do a “Google” search for Birthstones, you will get many different lists. For example, for each month you will find a list of gemstones and a list of colors.  Then there is a "traditional" list and a "modern" list; a Zodiac list, mystical, and many more. Some months will have several choices  but most months are pretty much the same in each list. Oh, and don't forget to add a list of gemstone meanings. A lot of information is available. I find it easiest to use a list of Swarovski crystals. (See the chart above)



It is easy to include Birthstones in a piece of jewelry. See last week's idea that my chain maille student had of adding a Swarovski emerald bead. Or this one shown in cobalt but changed to emerald on request of a customer.





You can make a whole bracelet with your Birthstone choices and use spacers in silver. You can vary the size of the beads, add pearls or almost anything you can think of. This one is the person's grandchildren's Birthstones. And of course, I'll be glad to work with you with any idea.






Here is a blank canvas. Just add some Swarovski Birthstone dangles over the heart and voila a special gift for a special person (or you). There are other charms that can give the same effect. Sky is the limit.


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