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Byzantine Variations



One of the first Chain Maille patterns I learned was Byzantine. It isn't the simplest but is recommended for beginners. What makes it the most fun, however, is all the variations you can make with just a simple Byzantine segment.




I made a video this past week of the different variations I have in my current inventory. This implies that I don't have nearly all of the variations I've made in the past. (I have sold some, in other words)


There is plain Byzantine, in 16 gauge and in 18 gauge (the 18 gauge one makes a smaller diameter bracelet).







You can add 3 intertwined rings (called a flower, rose or mobius - take your pick)









Then you can take two segments and join them together in a circle, add a bead in the center of any color you like. Cobalt is popular as is emerald and hematite. This pattern is called Romanov.





If  you turn the segments horizontally and join them that way you have a pattern called Olivia. Add to the mix, different gauges and you have more variations.








You can also mix in different metals; gold filled, copper or some colored rings.  This is the Byzantine Rose with some twisted copper rings.



I have found some fun focal beads to you; hearts, dichroic rectangles, hematite and even some larger rings to make the rose. You get the idea.


Here is the link to the video where you can see other variations available. You can, also, come up with a variation of your own.That is half the fun. Let me know what you can come up with.



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