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Chain Maille Bracelets

Jens Pind Linkage




I haven't made many Chain Maille bracelets lately. So when a friend asked me to make one for her, I said "Sure". Now, when I haven't made a particular pattern in awhile, it sometimes takes me a minute or two to "remember".



The pattern she wanted was Jens Pind Linkage or JPL for short.


Here is one I made awhile ago using both Silver and Copper rings.






This is a notorious pattern in Chain Maille. It is a very simple pattern but it isn't easy.The AR (aspect ratio) is very small. I know that is a rather technical term.



Suffice it to say, the rings fit together very tightly and it is easy to put them together incorrectly without noticing right away. And then it is necessary to take it apart and start over. 




The real "secret" is to not put the chain down until you have finished. Not possible. I have, finally, worked a way to tell if the last ring is in the correct position. Won't bother you with the details but it makes it much easier. And, surprise, I didn't forget the way to remember what the correct position looks like.



My customer had a clasp and a dangle bead already. So all I had to do was put it together.













Anyhow, I like the result and was reminded how much I like to make Chain Maille.


You can see some other Chain Maille bracelets here on my website. 


Anyone else??




Until next time,




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