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Chain Maille Necklace

how it was designed


This necklace started when I was poking around in my stash of rings.  I found three large copper rings I received from Urban Maille when I ordered a kit for a Half Persian bracelet. The ID for the rings is about 15mm. Large!
My next thought was to a design for Japanese Bulls-Eye earrings. So, I then found an 8mm sterling silver ring to put in the middle. (Like the Bulls-Eye). I then tried to put some little rings to connect the two large rings as in the Bulls-Eye.
It looked fine on my work surface but wouldn't hold its shape when picked up. My plan was to make earrings. Everything just flopped.
Even pulling them up a bit to look like Mickey Mouse didn't seem to work. (Picture on right)
Next, I thought a necklace form might help hold the design. It did a little bit better. (See this picture.)

Well, it isn't exactly a Bulls-Eye but not a bad look. Since I only had three copper rings, the first part of the design was finished. Next, I added a simple chain of 2 and 1 rings and I ended it with a lobster claw clasp and a small extender chain. It measures about 18 inches long. Here is the finished design:


It is fun to see how an idea changes from start to finish. I may think about it some more and maybe the real finished project will be different but so far I like it. I think it is done!





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Ring by Ring Designs 5-28-2013

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