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Chain Maille Rings

You may remember "The Perfect Ring" that I featured awhile ago. I made and sold several and have had lots of compliments on the one I wear almost everyday.

While I still prefer this one, I decided to try a Byzantine ring for a change.

I checked out the size rings I would need for the pattern and (surprise) I had some on hand. 20 gauge / 2.75 mm. Yes, they are small but with a little patience do-able. Besides it doesn't take a lot of rings - about 80 or so)

My first try fit my little finger. I now have one that fits my middle finger after I added a few more rings.

Here is a picture with both rings.

Each ring has its pros and cons. I love that the Byzantine ring just rolls on. But I like the fit of The Perfect ring better. I've been looking at other chain maille patterns to see if they would make good rings too. Will keep you posted.

Do you have a favorite? If you would like to order one (special order only due to sizing) just send me an email.

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