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I changed my mind


 because I can!



Remember last week when I said I would finish the Grapevine necklace using the plan I had to make it from two bracelet kits?


Well, I decided that it wasn't going to work as I wanted. So, I will now have two Grapevine bracelets.



Now what? I do have other unfinished projects.



One is using the Fiber Kumihimo necklace I made to go with the Picture Jasper pendant I made.






(Another change of plans project) I ended up using Antique Bronze chain instead. It really looks much better. But now what to do with the Fiber Kumihimo?




I, also, have a pendant that is waiting to be used. It needed a bail. I purchased some Vintage Bronze wire for that and added to the Fiber Kumihimo. Voila a new necklace.










The picture does not do the pendant justice. You can't see the lovely "sunset" for example. I like this combination.










That wasn't the only thing I've been doing. I saw a nice video with an idea for earrings. I'm always looking for new earring ideas as I get a lot of earring requests.




Unfortunately, the picture shows that I'm not consistent with my wire work but if they are on different ears, I don't think it will show as much as in the picture. Or, I could "treak" them a bit.



Let me know how you like the new pieces

Bev, I think...  




Until next time,




Ring by Ring Designs 4-9-2013

Chain Maille from

Ring by Ring Designs


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Kumihimo from

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Here is a quick video of only some of my Glass Dome Pendants featuring Flowers and Japanese Designs


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