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Christmas already?

(I need some help)


We all hate the stores that start stocking Christmas items already. I heard a new term the other day. "Hallothanksmas"




It implies what we all know, that fall holidays are coming faster and faster each year.



So this request may seem just like the stores but I really need your help.


I'm planning items I need to have available for your shopping pleasure. ;-)





I was surprised the other day when someone was asking to purchase a gemstone pendant and I didn't have any in stock. I had given them as gifts myself this past summer. Not only that but I was low on gemstones and also did not have any bails to make the pendants. Wow!






So, this week I've scheduled a trip to Two Guys Fossils for gemstones and the local bead shop for bails.


I'd rather not have to turn away business but need to have some ideas of what you might be looking for in the future holiday shopping season. (I didn't lose this business but I might have)



So, what kinds of things might you be looking for in the upcoming shopping season?  Bracelets, earrings, pendants?










And probably, most important, do you have a price point that you like to use for holiday gifts? I know I do. Let me know what works for you.





So, I'd appreciate hearing from you.



Until next time,




PS: I have a suprise coming to those of you who live near by. Watch for the big announcement.


Ring by Ring Designs 9-10-2013


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