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I teach chain maille at a local bead store, Beadcache, in Mansfield, MA. I really enjoy doing that and, I think, the students enjoy it, too.

Recently, one of the students really "got into it".


Part of the class includes learning about making variations of the theme of the class. In this case, Byzantine Rose. It combines the Byzantine weave and adding simple "Roses" made from three, intertwined, larger rings.




Here is one variation. Twisted copper rings are used instead of some of the usual sterling silver rings. The "Rose" pattern really stands out in this piece.








After some thought, my student asked if she could add a birthstone and surround it with two of the Byzantine segments. It was for a gift. This was the result:



I just had to take a quick picture with my cell phone. Didn't she do a good job? I really like the design. It is hard to see in the cell phone picture but the birthstone is Emerald for May. Lucky person receiving this gift.


As you look at the pieces on our website, think about any changes you might like better. Then, just ask us. We are very happy to make any changes you might like.


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