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The Different Looks of Kumihimo

It really amazes me!





I was gathering up some pieces for my display at Beadcache (I'm their Designer of the month - Very cool!) I looked at these three recent Kumihimo bracelets and thought, "My, how different they looked but it is all the same technique"





I recently featured  the left top bracelet with my grand daughter's Rainbow loop bracelet that she made for me.








It is made with two colors of 8/0 seed beads. The clasp is magnetic and looks like a knot. It is very secure. Some magnetic clasps are not.










The top right bracelet is new. Made with hand dyed rayon gimp and featuring a square knot in the middle.





It also has a magnetic clasp that is very secure. It twists closed. Purple is my favorite color so you could guess it is my favorite bracelet.



The bottom one has a flat look, all the rest are round. It is made with Williamsburg blue 8/0 seed beads and blue petite satin cord.




It also has the twist magnetic clasp.




The last two are from kits from What a Knit. When I placed that order, I saw another one I liked. Similar but instead of using 8 cords, it uses 12 cords. Now, I need to tell you that making Kumihimo is a bit like knitting or crocheting. After awhile you can do it without thinking.




So, when you add 4 more cords to the process, you have to pay attention (so to speak)





I'd be working along and all of a sudden my "muscle memory" would take over and boom, I'd have to back up and redo. But I love the results. I got better towards the end with fewer "backups".



However, there is more to this story. My youngest grandson has been bitten by the Rainbow loop bracelet bug as my grand daughter was. Here is a picture of the one he made for me next to mine. "They match"




Just as with my grand daughter!  Nice connections to have.  :-)







This post about different looks of Kumihimo would not be complete with out a picture of a Fiber Kumihimo.



(Oh, I really think there are many more different looks)









Do you have a favorite look? If so, just reply to this message and let me know.



Until next time,



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