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Everyone is different!


I had a request this week. Seems that a friend gave someone a lovely new pair of earrings but the earring finding, leverbacks, did not fit well. So, the request was to change the leverbacks to a hook type of finding. No problem, would only take me about a minute. (Well, that does not count the time to FIND the hook findings.)


It made me think about the fact that we all have preferences in types of earring findings. And that can be expanded to clasps on bracelets, clasps on necklaces and on and on.


So, I thought that would be a good topic for a blog post and here we are.


Not everyone has pierced ears though, most seem to. I always keep a few non-pierced earring findings on hand for those people. Since they are hard to find, they are usually very appreciative.


Personally, I find earrings for pierced ears more comfortable. I still remember wondering why my ear hurt while sitting in a movie. My earring was screwed on too tight in order to have it not fall off. Ouch!  Must be my ear lobes...




Earrings fall into two types.

  1.      Non-pierced, clip on and screw type. The top left pictures above are examples of these types of earring findings.
  2.     Pierced earring findings come in many different styles.

Following along in the picture:

  • Chandelier earrings. Usually big and dangly .
  • Ear threads. These seem to be not as popular anymore. I  made some awhile back and I liked them. They were very light and felt secure. However, several people expressed dislike putting a chain (though it be very thin)  through the hole in their ear. The ear threads seem to have gone out of style. (I still have some should you be one who likes them)
  • Lever back style. I personally find these hard to put on but they are very secure and nice looking. They often are found in very expensive earrings.
  • Hooks. These, too, come in different styles. Some are very simple as in the picture, some have a wire wrapped look and the shapes are almost endless. Some round, some long, short ....  It is a good idea to add a stopper so they don't fall out. I have extras if  you need some.
  • Studs/posts are also very popular. One of my customers likes them because they don't hang down as much as the hooks and therefore look better on her as she has a short neck.
  • Kidney wires. These have a unique hook at the bottom making them very secure.
  • Hoops. These really have to be something you like as they are usually large.


There may be many more earring findings but most are a variation of those listed above.




Should you have a pair of earrings that you don't wear just because you don't like the finding, let me know and it can be changed out for you.


Most of these earring have a hook type of earring finding but can be changed..







Also, if you have a preference for any specific type for new earrings, that would be nice to know, too.




Until next week,




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