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I was talking with some people yesterday who admit they are not "jewelry" people. They don't wear a lot of jewelry. They do enjoy hearing about what is new, however.


I was thinking about that during my usual "Oh, what am I going to write about this week" dilemma. Well, what I decided was that even people who do not wear much jewelry, usually wear earrings. So, I started looking at the pictures of all the earrings I have made. Whoa, lots!




I've made many Chain Maille earrings. This is the "Side Knot" pattern.












The most popular Chain Maille design is my Ring by Ring Designs' Signature earrings that match the Signature Pendant.









How many of you remember "Lexie's Earrings" to match the "Lexie Bracelet"? They come in mauve, pink, white, blue and gray.









Some earring designs were made with twisted wire. (Made with my electric drill, wire, and pliers) Here is one design. There are many variations.









These were made using Vintage Bronze wire instead of silver wire and just pliers. The bead color, shape etc can be varied.








I have two favorites that I wear almost daily lately. They are simple, light and fun.


These are vintage bronze spirals and








These are plain twisted tear drop shape earrings. The tear drop shape can be made small or as large as you would like.








I don't have all of these on my website - long story why. So if you see something you like or with a few changes, let me know and we will come up with a perfect pair of earrings. (Whether you wear much jewelry or not)


And always remember I can change the pierced ear wires to clip ons if that is what you need.



Until next time,




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Chain Maille from

Ring by Ring Designs


Watch a video of my Chain Maille designs See the Video


Kumihimo from

Ring by Ring Designs



Watch a video of my Kumihimo designs (See the Video)



Here is a quick video of only some of my Glass Dome Pendants featuring Sea Shells



(See the Video)



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