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September 25,  2012


 Fall Festival




Saturday I had a table at Holy Cross Church's Fall Festival. It was the first fair I've attended in almost 2 years. I'm never sure if I like doing fairs or not. Some are good, some not so good. And it is almost impossible telling if a particular fair will be good ahead of time. One year great, next year, not so much. This one was just like that. I did well but the number of people attending was not so good. Everyone who was there commented on that. Where are all the people???  The theories abound!






I sold one of my favorite necklaces. It was fun watching the lady who purchased the necklace. She was immediately taken with it. At first I thought she was hesitating because it was for her. She came back and looked again, picked it up, looked again, put it down. Eventually, she decided to buy it and then I found out it was for her daughter-in-law. Lucky lady!






She was so pleased. In true salesperson fashion, I showed her the matching bracelet. Her son was there and I showed it to him too. Seed planted but no bites ;-)





Other items that were popular were the glass dome pendants. One of the advantages of showing things "in person" is talking to the people about the ability to make almost any design the person would like. One woman purchased two pendants and will send me pictures of her granddaughter and the family dog to be made into pendants. Others said they would think about the possibility of having something special. Children's pictures, thumb prints, pets. The list goes on.




Click on the above link or the picture for more information.









Also, these pendants make great fundraisers. The Hancock School in Brockton (via my buddy, Melanie Horris) has had great success selling Hancock Huskie pendants. Just a simple blue paw print. They sell for $15 and cost just $10. They are relatively quick for me to make and "produce". The kids love them. It is what I call a win-win situation.






Do you have an organization that could use some extra money? Just let me know and we can work up a design for you.



All in all, the day was a success. Thanks to those who stopped by to say hello and make purchases. I really appreciate it.


I was asked to participate in a craft fair to benefit the Boston Children's Hospital (Pediatric Advanced Care System) on Saturday, November 10 in West Roxbury, MA. It sounds like a good fair - as I indicated earlier - as best I can tell now. Should have fun and I'm all set to go now. Just need to make a few new things and repack my boxes and I'm off. It is rewarding to get feedback from people who come.


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