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Frog Leather Bracelet

Part 2 (not the same email as last week)


"Frog" is a one row leather bracelet. The clasp is a cutest green frog button. Smoke topaz oval glass beads are encased in medium brown leather. The bracelet is 7 1/2 inches long.



Last week, I asked a question.


"Do you want a frog on your wrist?"


I'm sure you all answered that question in your mind. But no one let me know.

I do have a friend who has told me (in person) that she would purchase a  Frog Bracelet soon.


When I was talking to another person, I asked the question and received the following answer. "My Mother always told me,  'If  I don't  have something nice to say, don't say anything.' "


OK, that is an answer. Opinions, we all have them. But should I assume that no one would want to wear that cute frog because no one answered my question?


It is not my desire to really have an answer about the Frog Bracelet as much as wanting to have some opinions/comments about the posts I've been sending out.


I'm one of the first people to not like to take surveys. You know the ones who call on the phone. "It will only take a few minutes" My husband always falls for those. Fifteen minutes later ....  Don't worry, I won't be sending out surveys.


I also, don't like the service I have that sends out an email asking me to answer a  "Please let us know how we are doing" survey, just for asking a question or giving feedback about the service. Once I got the "How are we doing?" survey before I got the answer to my question. Gheez Louise!


  • So, if you have nothing to say or don't want to, I understand. But  I really would like to hear from you about anything. Good or bad.  Tell me what you are thinking about. after reading these posts.
  • Also, remember that time is running out on the special - just for the month of June.  

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