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April 24,  2012


Glass Dome Pendants

New Video




Since I started making Glass Dome Pendants, I've been looking for new designs.

I've found lots. Some are good and some, not so much.

I decided it would be good to make a video of the ones I like and have featured on the website.




I had the most fun making some Kaleidoscope designs with some free ware I found on line.

Effectively, you can upload a picture and click "Kaleidoscope", the number of points and voila. It makes a Kaleidoscope design. Then with a little more adjusting I had some nice round designs for the pendants.







This one is made from the three rings in the Ring by Ring Designs logo











This one is from the picture of Michael Harrington's Beads that Bounce bead. You can see the original bead picture by clicking on the link above.










While you look at the video, see if you can figure out where I got the rest of the Kaleidoscope designs. Hint: look at the names. (Just the Kaleidoscope designs)


You can see the video of the Glass Dome Pendants on You Tube here:




Click on link above or on the Lily to see the video.



Enjoy your look at the Flowers, Japanese Calligraphy, Sea Shells, Kaleidoscope Designs, Mandala Designs, Quilt Designs and the various others.


Remember, I can always make something special, too. Right now I'm working on a design for a graduation present representing the graduates' college.


Enjoy the video.



Until this Friday's special and next week,







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