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Gold and Silver Bracelet





I recently ordered a  kit for a Gold and Silver Bracelet using a new (to me) Chain Maille pattern.







I've always said that "starting a Chain Maille pattern is the hardest part"




This pattern certainly proved my point. I eventually got it but am still not very comfortable with it. Just a little "all thumbs" That said, I really like the results.




The pattern is called Battenburg Lace or Garter Belt. (I can see why the kit name was Battenburg Lace).


Here is another view:




I'm not liking the clasp that came with the kit. It seems too big for the rest of the bracelet and the Bali Silver look doesn't go with the gold and silver rings.


I find it best to go with my instinct and so, I had to change the clasp. I like this one better.







Now, one other thing. The materials for this bracelet are non-tarnish silver plate and gold plate. The cost of silver has become so high that I thought I would at least try it. I also, like the quality of this supplier. So far, so good. The look is nice.


You can purchase the bracelet on my website but even better, send me an email to let me know you are interested and then receive the newsletter discount. You can have your choice of clasp.


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