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As most of you know I really like to use silver in my designs. Especially, in Chain Maille.








Recently, I had a request for a gold bracelet. She needed a Medical Alert bracelet but didn't like the ones readily available.



I had not made one like that before as I don't have ready access to the Medical Alert tags with the medical information. Not being one to turn down a challenge, I searched the Internet and also checked with a friend who has knowledge of the necessary requirements for such bracelets. Plus I found a supplier.






We then settled on a pattern and I ordered the necessary materials. (Currently waiting for the medical tag.) The bracelet is waiting and I'll finish it up when the tag arrives. Nice design, if I say so myself.








While I was waiting, I made some earrings to match.




















Since I have rings left over, I started another bracelet. (While waiting for the tag) My plan is to add some Swarovski crystal dangles to this one. Trying to decide on the color to use. My Facebook buddies have been helping. Consensus is Sapphire and maybe Sapphire and Peridot.




You can see, I have started the matching earrings.



Let me know if you like gold (really gold filled) I'll make some more if you do. Or are you a silver fan as I am. I really want to know. I can add crystals to silver, too.



Until next time,




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