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Grapevine Kumihimo Bracelet






It seems for the last week or so, I've been waiting for items that I've ordered to arrive. I was working on my new chain maille rings but waiting for more jump rings to arrive to make more.

I ordered some beads for a new Kumihimo bracelet but they weren't here yet.

So, I went to a local supplier (Two Guys Fossils but more on that later). I came home with some nice items.





Then everything arrived at once. Oh, my, what to make first?







I started with the Kumihimo bracelet, then started some new chain maille rings; silver and gold filled. (I'll tell you about that next week)






I really like the new beads for the Kumihimo bracelet.







Looks like a grape vine to me. Maybe there is a better name. What do you think?



I've listed it on my website if you are interested.


More on the chain maille rings and my purchases at Two Guys Fossils, next week. Stay tuned.



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