"Eileen" Bracelet

Half Persian Silver Bracelet

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"Eileen" Bracelet
        Three in One - Half Persian Weave



The origin of this bracelet has an interesting story.


I was teaching a friend how to do the Half Persian  chain maille weave. There are two versions of this weave, 4 in 1 and 3 in 1.


We had decided on a 4 in 1 and make it in Copper and Silver.  One of the challenges was that my friend is left handed.




We used the "old mirror image" routine and it worked. I added rings in the pattern and she sat facing me and did what I did. Unusual method of teaching but it worked. Here is the results of the copper and silver bracelet.




I had just purchased some twisted silver rings. One of the things that makes this weave easier is using two different colors of rings. (As in the copper and silver version) 

I thought the twisted rings could serve as a different "color".  So I started the weave and suddenly, it wasn't working. Too tight. Hmm... now what?


Then I remembered the second version of half Persian. Three in one. (I won't bore you with the ins and outs of the difference but if you really would like to know, send me an email and I'll tell you.)  I worked beautifully.



Here is a close up of the results. It is more of a 3D version of the copper/silver version though it is hard to see in the picture.



And close up of the heart clasp.





This is one of my favorite bracelets. Gets lots of complements.


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