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Randolph Woman's Club

Holiday Marketplace

It was great!


I don't participate in many Craft Fairs. It is a lot of work  getting ready, cleaning up, plus my personal dislike, adding price tags to everything. I always miss one.


But, I decided this year to bite the bullet and go to two in December. It was even nicer since I was "asked" to come to them.



The first was this past weekend, sponsored by the Randolph (MA) Woman's Club and held at the Jonathan Belcher House.





It is a beautiful house built in 1806 and was a great place for displaying my jewelry pieces. But the best part was the actual fair itself. The choice of vendors was varied (only 2 jewelry people) and there were many very talented people. (I did some shopping, too)


The Woman's Club gave us wonderful sandwiches and a drink for lunch. Also, they sat at our table while we got lunch or took a bathroom break. All in all, the best run fair in which I've participated. (PS the attendees were great too. Interested in what we had to offer).



Here is my table.

I have all the items left on my dining room table at home ready for next weekend's fair (the second fair) to be held here in North Easton.



I'll be adding some new pieces.


One of the best things about attending craft fairs is being able to meet people and getting their reaction to my pieces. I also, find out some of the problems that some people have purchasing jewelry. Many have problems getting bracelets that fit. (Too big or too small) Others just prefer a different color - don't we all?




The advantage of meeting the jewelry designer is that the customer can have something special. Designs can be made in different colors, sizes changed, larger or smaller. We can work together.




Plus, I love to hear their comments.





I brought my Kumihimo disk with me to demonstrate to anyone interested just how I make all those bracelets and necklaces. Most were interested in seeing the process.








The next fair this coming weekend is sponsored by the Easton Shovel Town Cultural District.







It, too, will be held in an historical building, Queset House behind the Ames Free Library in North Easton, MA. Let me know if you need directions.



For those of you who live near Easton, I hope to see you there. It is a treat just to visit the beautiful house.

It is held December 14th and 15th from 10 AM to 3 PM.

I'll send out a reminder to local people.



Until next time,





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