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January Jewelry Designing



The holidays are over and we seem to be settling into the winter season. We even had a little snow last week and today it is cold and windy.  I had trouble keeping the car door open long enough to get out!


Anyhow, just what happens in January with a business like jewelry designing? Well, one of the first things that needs to be done (as opposed to what I would like to do) is take inventory. Yes, counting all those little beads, clasps and other stuff.




Counting beads always reminds me of the one time when things were slow in my department (sales) when I worked at what was then, Mupac Corp. (It has since changed names several times) They sent me to the production floor to help with inventory. Counting bottles of solder washers was on my list.



The picture shows a wire wrap board sold by Mupac that often required required solder washers to be placed over the small pins shown sticking up on the board. (about the size of a regular pin used in sewing)  The solder washers were sold in a small bottle, the size of a prescription plastic bottle. 1000 in a bottle.


Side note: I was amazed to be able to find a picture of an actual Mupac board (3244886-01 for those of you who worked there too.) The Internet is amazing. Couldn't find a picture of solder washers though. At least not one that would show the size in perspective.


I was introduced to weighing small items to "count". You would physically count out 100 washers and weigh them on a very accurate scale and multiply by 10. The scale actually did all that for you and you could know how many you had by weight. Fortunately, my inventory counting was by the bottle that had already counted the 1000.





Here is a picture of my drawer of seed beads. Would you like to guess how many seed beads there are? Well, I'm not going to tell you how I'm going to count them. I really just need a dollar value which I can estimate. Actually when I purchased them it was not by count of seed beads but by the ounce. The seed beads are about the size of the solder washers.




I'll have to count the finished pieces too but that is easy since I have a software program, Jewelry Designer Manager that keeps track of that. (It keeps track of the seed beads too, but it is harder to control.)

I do confirm the actual pieces though. Then I don't get surprised when I don't have a piece.




So, off to do some counting. (Then maybe I'll take a break and make something)



Until next time,




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