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Kumi Meet Up






Most of you know that after Chain Maille, Kumihimo is my favorite jewelry designing technique. This past weekend about 18 of us gathered on Cape Cod for a Kumi Meet Up.








We had some demos and lots of fun. We learned new techniques and tips while enjoying making new friends and playing with our beads.








Usually, most make our braids on a foam disk. I do. It is very portable, easy to set up and easy to use.









The traditional way, however, is to use a standing Marudai. One of our presenters brought one to demonstrate how it works.






She spent lots of time stringing beads and setting up the Marudai and then showed us how it works.I caught her in a pensive/thoughtful moment. :-)













One brave sole tried it.

















We enjoyed the demo and when the braid was a few inches long, we needed to take a peek. It was very small at this stage, but very pretty.
























Here is the finished necklace by Gail Devoid. It is just beautiful.












Normally, I use 8 cords to make a braid on my disk but one of our friends only uses seven strands. Everyone, being the curious types, had to learn how to do it.



Now, I've taught people how to do Kumihimo and consider myself a fairly capable person but I, for some reason - still unknown- I kept making mistakes. But determined and after about 4-5 undo's and re-do's, I think I've got it. Here is what is what it looks like so far.




The resulting cord is usually very random, especially if you use 4 - 5 different colors. I only had three and so there is a slight pattern. What ever, I like the results and will be experimenting with this new layout for Kumihimo.


I'll be looking in my stash of seed beads and making a visit to my local bead stores.


Oh, yes, we already are suggesting ideas for next year's Kumi Meet Up. I think everyone had a good time!






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