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April 17,  2012



Spits and starts








By now, most of you know I make pieces in spits and starts.


I featured this Kumihimo bracelet in a recent Weekly Special. (It was purchased for a gift, hope they like it)


Anyhow, that started me on a new quest to make more.














I have a whole drawer full of seed beads. Oh, the choices. None of the beads caught my fancy at first. Then things started to fit together. I found a blue/green focal bead and a mixture of blue/green seed beads. A ha!


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Then I found one bracelet that was almost finished. I looked it over and noticed a flaw in the focal. Oh, that's why I had not finished it. I decided to finish it anyhow and now own a pretty bracelet. (I do have enough beads left, including a perfect focal, so I can make one if someone would like it.)


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I made the above bracelets while I was working on this bracelet. I still haven't found the way I would like to finish it.


As you can see, I was toying with different patterns and combined them. Maybe, that is the problem. Even a trip to the bead store did not help. Oh, well it will come to me sometime.


These are shiny black and pearl beads.








It is made with the long Magatama beads I have used before. I have made a bracelet and necklace using the Magatama beads in black and silver.


You can read my previous post about these pieces







Oh, yes, Melanie Horris finished the Boston Marathon in under 5 hours. That is a great feat as the temperature was in the high 80's and many, heeding the advice of the weather forecasters and Boston Marathon organizers, did not even run and many did not finish. Even several of the "elite" runners did not finish.


Congratulations, Melanie! And congratulations on the over  $7,000  raised for cancer research


Until this Friday's special and next week,







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