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April 20,  2012


Friday Special

April 20, 2012


Here is this week's Ring by Ring Designs' Friday Special. I hope you are enjoying them. Let me know if you would like to see something featured.





This is a favorite Kumihimo necklace of mine.


It is made with 8 different fiber cords and braided into a 22 inch long necklace.


It has a beautiful faceted blue focal that is almost 2 inches long.






Here is the clasp.


I have only one in stock. I don't think I can get another focal exactly like this one. I can, however, make one that is similar with a different focal and fibers to make the cord.











This is what it looks like "in production"


You can see the different fiber cords ready to braid.











I do have a strange memory that comes to mind when ever I see this particular necklace. I was having trouble getting a good picture of the necklace. A friend came over and said she would help me and even take a picture. We decided to go outside and take advantage of the bright light. As I went outside down two steps and then boom, tripped over a mat in the sidewalk. Caught myself with my left hand, turned over and sat with the necklace safe in my right hand and my friend saying:


"Are you alright?"


I thought I was until my wrist started to swell. Long story, some PT for several weeks and I was OK. It did put a slight crimp in my jewelry making for awhile.


Oh, yes, when my husband came out to see what happened, I said to him:

"Throw that mat away!" and he did.



Normally $45, the necklace is on special until April 27, 2012 for only $39.95. I only have one remember.


Regularly $45.00 but only $39.95 this week.



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