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Last week's vacation


(Some of you have told me you enjoy hearing about our vacations. To those of you who don't - sorry!)



We left Easton a week ago Wednesday. Destination Cranbury, NJ where my husband was born and lived in his early years. The purpose was to deliver his Dad's diaries that he had copied to the computer. His Dad wrote some in 1907 and then continuously from 1910 to 1973 when he died.


Here he is cutting seed potatoes for planting. Only one potato eye in each piece you cut. The fastest and most accurate wins.



We found the people at the Cranbury History Center were interested in having the diaries. Plus some reminising and comments on the many changes in the town.


I found some of the diary entries very interesting too. For example in 1933


"Sold potatoes for $2.40 per 100 lb. sack, 7/27"


"We have sold over $2,700.00 worth of potatoes so far this year off 10 acres, about half of our crop, 8/22"



And in 1938



"John Dillinger was shot near Chicago, 7/23"


"Chancellor Dollfuss of Austria was killed yesterday by Nazi's, 7/26" and later


"Lindburg baby kidnapper (2 years ago) caught, 9/21"




We had fun driving around the area with Bill commenting "That's where I walked through the potato field home from school" and ...  seeing many more potato fields that are now expensive homes. Plus a visit to the cemetery and grandparent's graves.




After that we drove to Maryland to visit with my oldest daughter and grandchildren. We stayed several days and also visited with Bill's sister who was interested in our Cranbury adventures.





Next, we drove to Pennsylvania to attend the Memorial Service of Bill's almost 105 year old, Aunt Jeanette Brill. In addition to our daughter, our son came from CA on his way to Paris, London and Amsterdam for business.






The service was held outdoors in a beautiful garden.





As often the case in such times, we were able to gather with many relatives we had not seen for a long time. The service was wonderful celebration a long amazing life.


We drove home on Tuesday and enjoyed the trip until we hit rain just a few miles from home. Several days of much needed rain followed.


While in Maryland, I made a bracelet (featured in last week's post) and several Christmas wreaths.



Now back to a more normal life.





Until next time,




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