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I very fortunately received an order for eight 3-wrap bracelets last week. First thing that happened, was that my unfinished bracelet from last week's class is still unfinished.


I only had two finished 3-wrap bracelets in my inventory so, I needed to check my stash and go the the bead store to be able to fill the order.



I had just purchased some blue/green crackle beads so this was one of the first ones. I named it "Oceania" like the 3-row leather bracelet hoping it would not be confusing.


Next came a Hematite one. That is a repeat, called "Black Magic" I had a good start.




Now off to one of my favorite bead stores. (pflora beads) where I  found some great Fire Polish beads in a Copper/Jet black color. The copper color does not show well in the picture.

I named this one simply  "Copper - Jet"










I think my favorite one, however, is the one made with white pearls and black leather. It looked like a "White Tuxedo" to me.










Then I found these great cranberry and black beads that went nicely with black leather and a cute black button for a "Cranberry" bracelet.








I also, found some nice amethyst "stone" beads to go with some amethyst leather and a vintage silver button..


Have you found a favorite yet?





Well, I packed up the eight bracelets and mailed them off Monday. Now, I don't have any inventory.  But maybe I can finish the class bracelet now. Or, I can always make more and put off the class bracelet again for awhile if anyone would like one of these.


Time to start shopping for the holidays?


Send me an email if you see anything you would like.


Until next week,




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