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Looking for Spring!



After the second weekend in a row with a snow storm, I'm ready for Spring! This was not anything like last weekend but made the roads slippery and kept me home from church again. Fortunately, we have a live feed of the service so we can watch from the comfort of home. (At least there were not many power outages this week) But the brunt of the snow was from 8 - noon.




I decided to feature some of the pretty flowers in my Glass Dome Pendants this week


This is the Begonia.


(Note: this picture does not have the glass dome due to the glare in taking a picture)






Here is the orchid shown only in the picture, not the pendant.











I also like the Japanese designs. This one means Peace.









I have a short video of both the flower and Japanese designs.

Click on the picture below to see it (or here).






I hope you enjoyed your "Spring Tour" They can be purchased on the website by clicking here.


There are lots of choices. Be sure to look at all the different designs available in the different groups.



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Ring by Ring Designs 2-12-2013

Beverly Carlson


What is a Betterist? Basically it is where you can find out about the jewelry classes I teach and you can take.

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Chain Maille from

Ring by Ring Designs


Watch a video of my Chain Maille designs See the Video


Kumihimo from

Ring by Ring Designs



Watch a video of my Kumihimo designs (See the Video)



Here is a quick video of only some of my Glass Dome Pendants featuring Flowers and Japanese Designs


(See the Video)



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