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More Snow !


Saturday was my time to be at the Art Co-op. While I was there only one visitor came in. The snow is really cutting down on the number of visitors we are having. Seems to be the same in many retail stores all over the area. Grocery stores are doing fine!




Anyhow, realizing that might be the case, I took a project to work on there. I wanted to make a Chain Maille necklace like this.


I made this one several years ago and still have the arrow beads.

So with a bag of material to make a similar one, I started. Nothing went well. The parts I brought with me just were not working.


So, I fiddled with what I had and came up with a bracelet instead. I was able to finish the bracelet when I got home.




Here is another view:



I like it, do you? Need a name for it though. See it on the website.



After I got home, I continued to try the original idea. It always amazes me how many things I get out to make a piece. I had the drawer out with different chain maille rings, the drawer of Swarovski beads and every tool (well almost) I have.




Still don't have it finished but it is getting closer to what I was trying to make. Maybe for next week's newsletter??



For those of you who do not live near by Easton, MA here is a taste of what we are getting this year. And yes, that is our lamp post out front.





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