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Mother's Day 2011
Great Gift Ideas




Any Mother would love some classic pearls for her special day or would you like some?


Ring by Ring Designs has some great Pearl Necklaces with a Twist. All have something "new" added to the classic look. See what we mean, click on the link above.


We have many other choices, if Pearls are not your thing. We also do special orders.  If you have something in mind you do not see. Just ask!




Now, we realize that sometimes husbands/children never know what to get for Mother's Day gifts.


So, may we suggest that you give us some ideas of your favorite Ring by Ring Designs pieces and drop a hint to them that they can contact us? It works very well. You let us know your favorite piece and we will pass the information on to them.

  • Visit our website and previous emails
  • Let us know what you would like
  • Tell your husband/childrento contact us
  • and we'll do the rest.

Our website Ring by Ring Designs 

Contact us at info@ringbyringdesigns.com


Have a great day!


Bev and Pam


PS We are starting a "Wish List" on our website but we're not sure how well it works yet. Try it if you would like but follow up with an email to us just to be sure. ;-)     Wish List


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