You have been following my adventures with resin. (You have, haven't you?) Anyhow, this week I adventured into a new design. One of the hardest things is to know just what to put in the resin. In the bracelet I made during my class to learn the technique, we used dried flowers, little beads, steampunk like watch parts, and sprinkles.

To get new ideas, I spent several hours looking at images and videos of what others have done. Nothing struck me. Particularly, since I didn't really want to just copy what others have done.

Well, remember all the Rose Garden bracelets I've been making lately?

Notice all those crystals? For each one I have a left over piece of wire about 1 inch long. Being frugal, I save them. I have some in copper and some in silver. I got the idea to bend them in to musical notes and voila and idea was born.



Here is a bracelet I made with several charms with musical notes in them.

Since I also had left over copper wire, I made a pendant with copper notes and a copper bezel with a copper necklace. I went to a bead show on Saturday and found some nice 20 inch copper chains. I like the different look of the chain. Not just plain. I'll probably wish I purchased more.



One nice thing about this method of making charms is that they are two sided. Here is the opposite side. You know pendants always twist around so it is nice to have both sides good looking.
I've ordered some more colors for the resin and have another idea to make a new pendant. Since the colors won't be delivered until tomorrow, we'll just have to wait until next week to see what I come up with. :-)
Do remember you may just send me an email to place orders. It is sometimes easier. Send me an email.

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