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When designing necklaces there are many factors that should be considered. I admit sometimes I don't consider much of anything other than a technique I like to use or what beads or materials I have on hand. Now that is probably not the way it should be.


In order to change that way of designing, I decided to do some surfing for ideas. I came upon an image from an Australian, Imogen Lamport, showing the type of necklace to wear with different types of necklines.




My, that is a lot of different types of necklaces and lengths to think about. I don't make that many types.


Because I wear a lot of turtlenecks, you can see why I make a lot of pendants. I automatically eliminate some of these necklines, strapless for example.


Crew necklines work with short necklaces. I can handle that type though I have not made many lately with the exception of the pendants.




Many of the gemstone pendants fill the bill for both turtlenecks and crew necklines. Because many people  like different length chains, I do provide 16, 18, 20 and even 24 inch long chains for the gemstone pendants.

Charoite pendant










It might be time to make some more with crew neck weather coming soon.

This one is Lapis Lazuli.









You can read more from Imogen Lamport on her blog. She has a lot of good information about style. I don't think Australian style information can be a whole lot different than American.



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