New Look


New Look
My subscription to my newsletter service is up in May. Just by chance I saw a Facebook ad (every once in awhile they are helpful) for another newsletter service that says it's FREE.
Got my attention and after having an online "chat" with one of the customer service people, I couldn't see any "catch". So, I'm trying it. There is a learning curve, so bear with me. Let me know what you think, please. Send me an email.

Of the things I made to display at the Art Show last week, these earrings didn't make the cut.
Not that they aren't nice or any thing like that, but I ran out of room. The "rule", less is more took over.
I really like the way these earrings sway as you walk or just move. Plus they are very light. Need a special color? No problem. And they are very reasonable at $25 a pair.


I featured a lot of Chain Maille at the show. It has always been hard for me to tell people about Chain Maille. To explain at a show is even harder unless you can chat for awhile. I decided to have a picture of my hands and pliers with some rings already woven with a quick explanation on the table. Here is the picture:


It probably doesn't explain how Chain Maille is made but it does show how it is made one ring at a time. Thus the name "Ring by Ring Designs"
Be sure to check out the "store" on the website to see what is available. (However, I have more so always ask to see the rest)

Do remember you may just send me an email to place orders. It is sometimes easier. Send me an email.

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also available at
Easton Shovel Town Cultural District Art/Gallery Co-op
50 Main Street Building 9
North Easton, MA

Saturday and Sunday 11 AM - 3 PM