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I've never made many rings to sell. I like to make them for myself, however. The main reason is that there are so many different sizes. Of course you can always wear a small ring on your pinkie or a large ring on your pointer finger.


I'm going to make some new rings now and forget about the problem of many sizes. :-)


You may remember the Chain Maille ring I featured in January called "The Perfect Ring" I featured it on a post you can see here





You may order by clicking here. I still suggest we talk about sizing first. Email questions to me





One of the easiest things to work around the sizing problem is to make them adjustable. I made a few wire rings that fill that bill.





Then I made one when I was learning about  "Playing with Wire"You can see that post too. This one is slightly adjustable.






So, I'm on to Chapter 2 of ring making.


I've mentioned that I have been teaching Kumihimo at the Ames Free Library Bead Group. At our last meeting we discussed future things we would like to learn or teach. I thought about the adjustable rings I mentioned and they liked the idea. We were able to come up with 10 different projects so that  everyone could share their skills. What a group!






As things will, the very next day I found a reference in an email to "making easy wire rings with beads" A YouTube tutorial. Wow, just what I needed. So following the tutorial I made these rings.It isn't hard and I decided it would be fun to make more. This is made in my size, of course, but sizing didn't seem to be a problem and the variations would be endless. Different colors, bead sizes etc.


Let me know your ring size and color preferences and I'll make one just for you!



Until next time,




Ring by Ring Designs 9-3-2013


Chain Maille from

Ring by Ring Designs


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Kumihimo from

Ring by Ring Designs



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Here is a quick video of only some of my Glass Dome Pendants featuring Sea Shells



(See the Video)



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