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People often ask about how my jewelry would affect their allergies. Most often the culprit I get asked about is nickel.


So, this week, I did some checking. I was already aware that Argentium Sterling Silver (what I use for most of my Chain Maille pieces) does not contain any nickel.





Pure silver is very soft. So other things are added to make silver harder. 


In Sterling Silver, the rest of the 7.5% is mostly copper. But tin, boron, lithium,  zinc, platinum, indium and nickel can all be found! Copper can also cause some allergic reactions.




Argentium Sterling Silver is made of 92.5% pure silver, just like traditional Sterling Silver.








Germanium is added to Argentium Sterling Silver and makes it harder, plus has the added benefit of making the silver tarnish-resistant. It is guaranteed to be nickel-free.




Well, that doesn't cover all my jewelry, for example, earring findings, silver chains and more I suspect.

Since Argentium is (relatively) new, it is hard to find Argentium findings but I have recently located a supplier and I will be stocking these findings soon.





I just heard from my supplier of Snake chains that I use for my gemstone pendants that all of her Snake chains are nickel free. Good news.






Brass is made of copper and zinc. Bronze is made of copper and tin. These are nickel-free and beautiful all by themselves. I do not use these metals much and still get concerned with some items I see that don't really tell what they are made from. It always amazes me, when I attend large jewelry shows, how many of the vendors don't know the content of their items. It makes me very cautious when I talk to people who have allergies about recommending some of my pieces. I'd rather not sell a piece than cause a problem for my customers.



If you have an allergy problem, please let me know and I'll make sure to let you know if there is or is not a problem with a specific piece.


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