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Pantone color of the

Year 2014






You may remember that the 2013 color of the year was Emerald. I liked that very much. One of my favorite colors. However, Radiant Orchid is really my favorite.










When I was growing up violets and purples were colors for "old ladies", my Grandmother etc. Somewhere around 40 I began to really like violets and purples. Several people commented that they looked good on me. A good reason to start liking the color!



Anyhow, I must have been thinking about the color (before Pantone made its announcement) since the last two Kumihimo necklaces I've made are in that color palette.




I made this one in December. I sold it before it was finished at the Queset House fair. I featured it in a previous post.





I have a video on making it here.








After the holidays, I decided to make a similar one. I had fiber cords left over and a similar heart pendant.

There are decided differences but hard to tell.






(There is more green in the second heart and more dark purple in the cord)





One thing I have learned is that clothing manufacturers use the Pantone colors for their current collections. Have you ever tried to find a favorite color in some new clothes, only to see it no where? That year it wasn't on the Pantone list of colors. I'm sure of it!


Pantone has an interesting video about all of this year's colors that I found interesting. Scroll down a bit and click on the arrow to start the video.





Anyhow, what do you think of the latest color of the year, Radiant Orchid?



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