Pearl Necklaces with a Twist

Pearl Necklaces are a very classic look but these are Pearls with a Twist. Pearls are combined with chain and very unique coins from all over. The look is very contemporary.

Pearl necklace w/shilling

A beautiful single strand of pearls combined with a silver chain and an English shilling coin, Circa 1948 in the center of this piece.

Single pearl strand with English shilling coin

Pearl necklace, Bahamas coin

This freshwater pearl necklace is centered by a one cent Bahama starfish coin.

This will make a nice accessory for your summer wardrobe.

Pearls with Bahama Starfish Coin

Copper Pearl Necklace

This necklace features a double strand of copper Swarovski pearls. The third strand is a mixed metal chain. A French franc hangs from the center, circa 1951. The rooster on the coin signifies the French countryside. 18" long.

Copper Pearls with French franc