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When you go to Craft Fairs, do you realize how much time they spend getting ready? I suspect you do and maybe even wonder, "How much time did they spend getting ready?" Not just in making product but finding display items, arranging the display to be eye catching and good looking.




Well, that is what I'm doing this week. Getting ready for the Art Show and Wine Reception this coming Saturday. Set up is Sat morning and the show is from 4 PM to 7 PM.














The table I have been using belonged to my parents. Now, they had it long before we got it over 30 years ago. So, when the legs gave out the last time I used it, I wasn't surprised.






The first order of business was to purchase a new table. I got it through and they, always, very helpfully, suggest "Others that purchased this, looked at this..." Ah, ha, a table cloth that fits the table.  Sold! On my way to a new display.





Sunday, I set up the table and put up the displays and jewelery I wanted to use (see last week's post) I asked a friend to come help with color, spacing and just the general question "Does this look OK?" We came up with a first "draft", sort of.


Now the rest of the week will involve "tweaking", adding, subtracting and then packing up to move to the final location for THE SHOW.


Will let you all know what happens, next week.

Be sure to come and bring friends if you live close enough. Remember it is FREE.


Here is a map with directions to 50 Oliver Street, North Easton. Easton Community Access Television building.





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