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answers please :-)


On Saturday, I had a table at the Craft Fair section of Science with a Mission's Quilt and Craft Fair. Science with a Mission (SMI for short) is my favorite charity. If you haven't heard about it check out this video or the website.  (I prefer the video)



It was a wonderful day, beautiful quilts and many different vendors in the craft fair section. Plus, did I mention, they had a great luncheon?




I noticed a definite trend in what people purchased and seemed interested in this year. Sales and interest were good for the gemstone pendants but no one seemed to even look at my leather bracelets.


Question #1  Do you still like leather bracelets or are they "so dated"?








I did I feature the gemstone pendants right in the middle of my table. Maybe that had something to do with the interest in the pendants.





I, also,  demonstrated Kumihimo with several Kumihimo disks in the works. That always draws attention and sort of confirms that I actually do make my pieces! (No purchases, however.)






I add 18 inch Snake chains to my gemstone pendants but every one I sold Saturday asked for 20 inch or longer when I made that offer.







So, question #2 - What is your favorite necklace length.

16, 18, 20 or longer???


and question #3 - on necklace length. Is it important to have a necklace adjustable, if the design allows it? Just FYI, that eliminates the fancier clasps, usually.


I realize it isn't always fun to answer questions like these but I really would appreciate any input you have. Something else you would like to see or any other comment???  Just reply to this email or send me and email here.    Looking forward to hearing from all of you.







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Watch a video of my Kumihimo designs (See the Video)



Here is a quick video of only some of my Glass Dome Pendants featuring Sea Shells



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